Relationship Advice Reasons To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

by mOWC7tzT69 on October 8, 2011

relationship adviceIt happens to all of us in relationship. As surely as you must form one, you will most likely have to break up your relationship.

Relationships are like cars. They are good and glossy when new but after a while the cost of maintenance simply wears us down. The glossier they were in fact the more high maintenance they prove to be in the long run relationship.

A boyfriend is at the onset of the relationship the only thing in the woman’s mind. He is the proverbial center of her world. But after a while cinches begin to mar the shiny finishing. This is when it is wise for you to start looking out for signs you should break up with your boyfriend.

The car sputters and dies on you when you least prepared for it. One morning it just won’t start. And worse it drives better when someone else is at the wheel. But should you break with your boyfriend relationship simply because of some cinch in the armour?

Well the car could in the long run end up being the worst thing that happened in your life and you’d be better off rid of it. The boyfriend relationship could in a word turn you off men completely. Perseverance you ask? There is a fault one can live with and then there are those that one is not supposed to take.

For instance if he is having an affair with someone else then it is time to break up with your cheating boyfriend’s relationship. Or indeed if you are the one having an affair with someone or are seriously entertaining the thought of it say with an ex-boyfriend’s relationship then it is truly time to take the proverbial hike and break up with your boyfriend.

Cars look good when new to relationship. You like them best at the bazaar or the show room right before you buy them. They will look their best in that show room and never that good relationship. You need to keep this in mind always. Your boyfriend relationship will keep looking worse until it’s time to make him either an ex-boyfriend or husband’s relationship!

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