Leo and Cancer Relationship Compatibility

by mOWC7tzT69 on December 15, 2011

Leo and Cancer:

Sex could turn a one-night stand into marriage. The only problem arises when Cancer becomes moody. When Cancer gets moody, Leo will withdraw and seem selfish. The more Cancer clings, the worse Leo becomes. Leo needs to understand that Cancer is more sensitive than they appear and Cancer needs to know that Leo is faithful but needs a boys/girls night out every once in a while. Leo will make Cancer feel loved like never before and Cancer provides Leo emotional security in love. This is a good choice for both signs. Sex and love are very possible. Strong compatibility and loyalty will survive any stormy moments.

Leo Woman and Cancer Man

This love match may or may not work. Often it’s filled with conflicting needs and while it can be creative and sexual, in the end the art of compromise is needed. The Leo woman wants respect and has a great deal of pride. She can be arrogant whereas the Cancer man is passive and sensitive. His emotional nature and receptivity may be too weak for a strong lioness. If the Cancer man doesn’t mind taking a backseat to his Leo woman then they’ll enjoy passionate sex where she “allows” him to please her. She’ll appreciate his consummate lovemaking skills but never admit how much of a hold he truly has on her.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon and the Leo man is ruled by the Sun so this love match is obviously going to involve an ultra feminine lady and a “man’s man”. The problem in dating is that each sign is so strong they may work better apart than together. The Cancer woman will either resent her Leo man’s arrogance or help him cultivate his innate creative talents. The Leo man could prove to be overly generous for the Cancer woman’s comfort and easily feel threatened by his showy ways. Insecurity abounds but the attraction is undeniable! Sexually, this match can be dramatic and bold. The Leo man will love performing in bed for his Cancer woman and in turn she’ll provide all the physical affection he craves to promise an encore presentation!

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