Pisces and Taurus Relationship Compatibility

by mOWC7tzT69 on December 16, 2011

Pisces and Taurus:

Money will play an important role in this relationship. Taurus will take one look at Pisces and want to gamble away his or her life savings. There will be tons of sex appeal and Taurus will be madly “in love” with the image that comes with Pisces.

Pisces will find Taurus shares a taste for the good life and these two will bond instantly. They will love going out together and will travel far together. Food and music will play important roles in the relationship. Sex could be intense and may lead Pisces to finally commit. Taurus will introduce Pisces to new and interesting people. Pisces will keep Taurus feeling financially secure.

If both desire a lasting relationship, Taurus will need to be more independent and sexual while Pisces will need to spend some cash.

Pisces Woman and Taurus Man

This could be dating heaven! The Pisces woman and Taurus man share an immediate connection and seem to have a great deal on common. The Pisces woman is compassionate and sensitive and will immerse herself into life’s experiences, leaving her vulnerable. But if she’s dating a Taurus man he’ll come to her rescue providing the stability she needs to never be lost for long. Sexually, this dating pair will be in ecstasy! A romantic Pisces woman and a sensual Taurus man will enjoy every bit of each other.

Pisces Man and Taurus Woman

This love match is mystical and can be quite rewarding. The Taurus woman will surrender body and soul to the Pisces man’s idealization of her as the perfect love while he will reach utter ecstasy through her ability to ground his intangible feelings and impressions. The Taurus woman will be more dependable and take care of the details in this relationship while the Pisces man will heal his lady’s soul through the power of his transcendental love. Sexually, these two are divine! The Taurus woman will swallow up her Pisces man’s sensitive and giving nature – he genuinely enjoys pleasing her first! The Pisces man will be creative and imaginative in bed and appreciate his lady’s devotion.

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