relationship adviceKnowing when to break up with your boyfriend in a relationship is never easy for any one.  If someone in a relationship feels that time might bring her relation to an end then you should end relationship it there and then without dragging it. It depends on how long you have been together in a relationship with your boyfriend or how much you are concerned about your boyfriend.  Ending the relationship can be confusing, hard and frustrating situations which vary from person to person relationship. Obviously, you have full inventory of justification why you want to break up with your boyfriend but breaking up with your boyfriend relationship is still not pleasant for anyone. However following some guidelines might assist in making your position clear and choose if breaking up is really something to do with relationship.

If someone is bearing in mind to break up with his girl friend, it is very important to inquire by him that why breaking up with girl friend is in his mind. It is also a better way to approach and talk to boyfriend about reasons. It is better to break up with someone on true grounds. Never tell anybody that you are thinking about a break up by ending the relationship with your boyfriend, especially when you are not 100% convinced that you are parting ways with him.

If the relationship is really in a bad shape then it is good for both of you to end it and move on. You may not be with the right people or you need some more time to understand the relationship. However when you end it both of you should sit and talk to each other openly about what you have in mind and what the other person has to say about what you think.

Breaking up with someone over phone is not the best way because one cannot convey all messages on phone and it creates other problems such as confusion. Writing a break up letter to your boyfriend is not a good method either to end the relationship.

Always think about the entire situation after 3 weeks or a month from the time of the break up. The major blunder generally all people make, is to break up with boyfriend out of anger or bad feeling and then apologize for the consequences later. One should make sure that she has all the valid reasons to break up relationship with her boyfriend, because your boyfriend also needs valid reason that justifies the break up. So it is always said that to break up with your boyfriend relationship when you are in a relationhip with him is very hard decision for any one. So think it over well and hard before you take the step to break up with your boyfriend relationship!